Voz Para Todas

Voz Para Todas - Voice for All* 

A Voice for All – is the goal of the Voz Para Todas project.What sounds simple is not equally feasible for everyone. Making one's own voice heard continues to be a task for women in the West as well as the East, North as well as South.

Women in Mozambique are also confronted with the problem of making their own voices heard: sexualized violence and structural oppression are still widespread, just as in European countries, and prevent them from freely developing their own life plans.

To counter this grievance, a means that has been known for centuries has proven its worth: Talking to each other, sharing experiences and working through them together.

Voz Para Todas would like to support this exchange in the Mozambican city of Vilankulo. Initially locally bound to the city, a place is to be created that offers space for encounters and the artistic processing of experiences: Whether pain, anger or joy – everything finds its place at Voz Para Todas. 

For this purpose, the local women, a collective of local residents and volunteers, will gather a diverse know-how of conversation topics and artistic methods. With elements of art therapy, local artists and the will to create change, a safe space will be created that provides opportunities for women to transform themselves. 

The project managers of Petit Papillon, together with their partner organization Good Will Mozambique, support the women of Vilankulo on their way to create such a space. Financially and ideally, they accompany the collective Voz Para Todas in letting their own voice become louder bit by bit. 

Good Will Mozambique

The organization Good Will Mozambique works in and around Vilankulo to help people in need. The most recent project of the organization is the construction of an orphanage and the sponsorship of Voz Para Todas.


Petit Papillon is to grow: Together with Good Will Mozambique we want to carry out further projects and create a creative exchange between the global hemispheres. In the future, part of this exchange will also be a residency for women artists: The women of Voz Para Todas are to be provided with the means to carry out their work in Europe as well.