Is an art project that artistically deals with questions about one's own insecurities, as well as with one's own position within society. Wandel_Raum offers the space to work together on such questions in a participatory way with different approaches.

Change_Room Residence

The residency of Wandel_Raum gave place to work and artistic BespieIen free. The aim of the residency was to shape the place in its diverse quality into a living sculpture in a participatory artistic creation.
Together within a group of seven artists, a successful project could be created.

Change_Room Workshops

The Wandel_Raum project also includes workshop offerings. In the fall of 2022, the first workshops were held together with three different cooperation partners.

Observe: "Prescene Games

Joseph and Max invited the participants of their workshop to the "Living Room Alfter".
Within the workshop day, the two guided the participants through various methods to sensitively explore their needs.
Creative games were developed and tested in small groups. In these games, it was crucial to become aware of one's own effectiveness, to be able to set limits and to deal responsibly with the needs of others.
After a lunch break, Joseph and Max invited participants to take what they learned into a 4D mapping to a social construct.

An incredibly exciting and intensive workshop day, from which we left with many impulses and insights. Joesph and Max opened up a new approach for us, how we can face change with our own effectiveness and ease.

Adventus type: "grown_through_grown_up"

The place of the event was the Alanus University.
Founded by Martin, Lilli and Hannah, the organization has now been working for three years on workshop formats that focus on personal as well as organizational development.
They enriched the Wandel_Raum with their workshop on the questions "Where should I go in the future? How do I become effective?
The primary objective was not to identify a clear goal, but rather to learn ways to consciously shape one's own growth process through reflection.
The methodical approach to this chosen topic was carried out by means of creative and playful approaches, whereby different perspectives on the guiding questions of the workshop were approached. For this purpose, a space was opened to explore oneself and personal challenges through self-awareness and impulses from the group.

The workshop day ended with many new impulses and thoughts.

Sophie from Petit Papillon e.V.: "Mapping the place of change".

In her work at WANDEL_RAUM, Sophie developed representations of spaces of change through various forms of mapping. In her workshop Mapping the Places of Change, Sophie invited participants to reflect on their last year by mapping moments and places where they felt particularly lost, uncertain, and misunderstood. From these maps, works emerged that used artistic inversion to focus on: where did I feel safe and effective? When and where was I ready for positive change? What parameters did I need to set in order to create these spaces for change?


Wandel_Raum is an ongoing project, within which artistic workshops are offered again and again. We look forward to many more exciting and enriching experiences.