Home(Less) In The Global Village

Home[Less] in the Global Village

In the project Home[Less] in the Global Village young people tell artistically what it is like to embark on a search for identity in the globalization and digitization processes of modernity. How does it feel for a new generation growing up in an ever faster world - characterized by social phenomena such as collective traumas, the feeling of homelessness and disorientation in their own lives. The project aims to give voice to adolescents who artistically process what oppression, social injustice, and societal hurdles are to a collegial good life. Together, the artists in the project explore their own roots, place of origin, point of view and the path they want to take in the future.

What awaits you:

We would like to invite you to our exhibition "Home(Less) In The Global Village" from June 21-25 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn. 

As an artistic practice, we as a project team propose mapping. Maps are cultural goods, scientific products, as well as artistic products since the beginning of mankind. You, as artists, will create maps at your own discretion and adapted to each of you - in different materials and forms. Those maps are artistic spaces in which diverse layers of identity and inner spaces of change become visible. We would like to invite you to bring in your artistic way of looking at things.
Whether painterly, sculptural, in artistic handwork, sound collages or digital - there should be no limits for you to express yourself under the theme.

The exhibition is a research space where you can get hands-on, view work already created in our residency, and participate in workshops. 

Supporting program and workshops

Mapping The Places Of Change


In times of social change and global crises, the feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming. Lost in the maelstrom of change, we are preoccupied with the question: How can I be capable of action and active in personal and social transformation processes?

The workshop "Mapping The Places of Change" wants to explore this question in an artistic process. Through various forms of mapping, we would like to invite you to explore places that have shaped you or that you have shaped in times of change. 

When: Wednesday, 21.06.2023, 18-20:30 h

Where: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Interlude Room A

Deep Listening


A fundamental part of human interaction is listening. We have already learned and implemented various listening practices in our biography, failed with them, lived them intensively or lost them.

During the workshop we would like to consider where we locate and feel ourselves in a process of encounter in listening. How can we open collective spaces that initiate inner and outer transformation processes through generative listening?

When: Thursday, 22.06.2023, 12-14h

Where: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Interlude Room A

Between an Us


"These (...) are naturally created in people's minds, or actually in the space between their words, in the deep layers of their narratives, or even in the placeless place of their dreams, in the emptiness of their hearts, - in the pleasant realms of utopia."

Michael Foucault

The performance is a moving narrative in word and body work between two protagonists. Between tension and relaxation. Between closeness and distance. Between an Us. 

Wann: Friday, 23.06.2023, 11:30

Duration: 20 min

Where: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Interlude Room A

Isintu Asitolikwa & Ubuntu X RootsNobuntu 


The two South African artists and project coordinators of Home(Less) In The Global Village Sizwe Bantu Nyanga and Luyanda Nkomonde invite you to accompany them on their journey. Artistically and participatively you will move between uprooting and rooting in this workshop.  

When: Friday, 23.06.2023, 13-15:00 Clock

Where: Kunstmuseum Bonn, Interlude Room A

Cooperation Initiative:


Mayendo ArtStudio X Naturalist Inc.

Roots Nobuntu is an initiative started by the two artists Sizwe Bantu Nyanga and Luyanda Nkomonde. In their work with young people in Vosloorus, a township near Johannesburg, they create memory spaces in which cultural roots, ancestral history and collective consciousness are linked with artistic practice. For knowing where one's roots lie provides clarity about the path we are taking.