The Compass Summer Camp: A Journey to Your Own Compass

You have just finished school and are looking for new adventures? Then an exciting, great time is about to begin for you! These weeks are filled with questions: Where will I go next? And what am I actually in the mood for?

To make sure you don't lose your bearings in this whirlwind, we've created the Kompass summer camp. Together with a group of new friends, you can spend six days exploring how your path can continue after school.

What do I do at the Kompass summer camp?

Training, FSJ, study or simply travel? Knowing how to orient yourself in the abundance of options is sometimes not so easy. We want to learn together how to get to the bottom of this puzzle. Through artistic and philosophical exercises, workshops on meditation, dance and theater, you can find out what moves you at the Compass Camp. If you know where you stand, you are already one giant step further on your path!



Where will the summer camp take me?

The camp should be a place of discovery for the participants. We want to do everything we can to support you in getting to know yourself, your own abilities and needs. Our motto is to be captain on the ship of life!

How does the camp work?

We spend six days at the youth campsite Falkenstein in the Franconian wine country. There's everything your heart desires: sun, nature and plenty of space for creative experiments. Plus, of course, a campfire site for nightly jam sessions.




For my own orientation, it helped me to leave my familiar surroundings after school. I had heard that the best way to get to know your home country, and thus yourself, was to get away from it. In my studies “Philosophy, Arts andSocial Entrepreneurship” I was then able to pursue the topic of orientation and the associated freedom in theory.



For me, the decisive factor for orientation in one's own life is the examination of one's own person, one's own goals, values and norms. This examination can take place in many ways, but for me the exchange in the community is of great importance. We exist only in the community and in mutual exchange. Creating this space for exchange in order to find one's own expression is one of the basic concerns of the Kompass initiative for me.



In my life, I have rarely oriented myself in an active way. I try to meet life in an open attitude and to orient myself to the beautiful and the good. In doing so, I act spontaneously and intuitively. That is how I learned to play the piano. I have always felt inspired to improvise. My quest for variety, mindfulness and lively exchange guide me on my path.  



I am part of this initiative because it is my great wish that young people learn to find the core of their orientation. It's a hard path that involves a lot of work and time, but it's worth it. A:everyone deserves to find their passion and get to know themselves anew every day.



I find orientation in art, through it I express myself, the artistic is vocation and learning field at the same time. While I am having fun drawing, painting or writing, my mind is focused on keeping the pen in its normal position.

Key data for the leisure

Period: 06.06.-11.06.2022

Where: Youth campsite Falkenstein near Donnersdorf

Who: If you are currently finishing school or will be in the next few years. You should be over 16 years old. 

Cost: 80€ p.p.

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the Compass Initiative!