What a year! Behind us lie months of intensive work, filled with wonderful encounters and projects.
At the beginning of 2022, we redesigned our website and social media channels. Design plans were forged and a lot of drawing was done until finally the result you see today could go online.
Around the same time, our Compass Initiative team began planning an orientation program for 2022. Although the project unfortunately could not take place during the summer due to structural problems, the team had a lot of fun with the research and the planning weekends, as you could already read in some of our recent blog posts. All the more reason to invite everyone to the next Kompass Camp in July 2023.
The greenhouse, was finally cleared of the last blackberry bushes in the summer by Aaron, Vroni and Sophie, received flower beds and thus gradually takes the shape of a future cultivation room.
In September the WANDEL_RAUM project started, which was accompanied by artists, activists and students of the Alanus University. Until the end of November we invited you to workshops, opened spaces for participatory artistic work and enjoyed the philosophical exchange with you. We also had the honor to participate in the workshop days of Alanus Impact e.V..
The project gave us a lot of pleasure and a deeper insight into new perspectives of our work.
As an association and part of the Alfter community, it is our concern to create artistic-philosophical programs that help people feel less disoriented in their own lives. We want to encourage people to actively participate in social interaction and change. However, this work would not be possible without support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the institutions, organizations and individuals who have made this possible over the past year!
We look forward to a diverse new year 2023, rich in new events. The Little Butterfly is certainly already spreading its wings.