At the end of October, Sophie was invited to hold a workshop during the workshop days of Alanus Impact e.V. as part of the WANDEL_RAUM project. The workshop days were inspired by the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) initiative and took place at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences.

 Sophie deals in her artistic work with inner and outer transformation processes. In her work at WANDEL_RAUM, she developed the representation of spaces of change through various forms of mapping. In her workshop Mapping the Places of Change, Sophie invited participants to reflect on their last year by mapping moments and places where they felt particularly lost, uncertain, and misunderstood. From these maps, works emerged that used artistic inversion to focus on: where did I feel safe and effective? When and where was I ready for positive change? What parameters did I need to set in order to create these spaces for change?

The workshop was enlivened by exchange and artistic work. Thank you to all participants and the exciting impulses that were set by you.šŸ¦‹