In the course of our workshop offerings, a cooperation with Adventus Art also took place. The organization, founded by alumni (Martin Niehus, Lilli Andrade and Hannah Jaspert) of Alanus University, has been working for three years now on workshop formats that focus on personal and organizational development. The workshop, which took place on October 12, was titled „grown_through_growing“ and addressed the questions "Where do I want to go in the future? How do I become effective?" The primary objective was not to identify a clear goal, but rather to learn ways to consciously shape one's own growth process through reflection, among other things. The methodical approach to this chosen topic was done by means of creative and playful approaches, whereby different perspectives on the leading questions of the workshop were approached. For this purpose, a space was opened to explore oneself and personal challenges through self-awareness and impulses from the group.
We started this workshop, which took place at the Alanus University, with a mixed group of participants. The successful variety of methods (movement, art, speaking and writing) provided a good basis for self-reflection. Especially the exchange in smaller groups, in which among other things active listening was required, turned out to be a helpful exercise for the participants. During the workshop day, among other things, a very individual "passport" was created by first artistically recording one's own location in the "East" on a round sheet of paper, followed by an examination of "where do I want to go", "what is holding me back" and an idea of one's own future. All these aspects were located in the other cardinal points on the paper, so that in the end a kind of map was created, which captured the different phases of life.
In the final exercise, the so-called "Ideas Party", the participants were given the opportunity to express their own goals and, in case of any uncertainties, to receive support in the form of ideas from the other participants.
We thank you very much for this energetic, instructive and varied day with Adventus Art. The program, which was very much focused on the individual, made it possible for the participants to ask questions about their own future in more detail and also to reduce the pressure or worry about it. Thank you very much for your work! šŸ¦‹