Max and Joseph from Observe have already been accompanying us in our work since this spring and we were very happy when they agreed to become part of the project with a workshop.
Founded in 2021, Observe accompanies individuals, teams and organizations on their path to greater effectiveness, aliveness and connection. In their work, they address the challenges of this world by opening up practice and resonance spaces in a systematic, resource-focused and holistic way.
On 08 October 2022 her workshop called „Presence Games“ took place in the living room Alfter. Presence Games means to experience how we create exactly the world we need at the moment. What rules do I need? In which structures do I feel safe and easy?
Within the workshop day, Max and Joseph guided participants through various methods of delicately exploring their needs.
Creative games were developed and tested in small groups. In these games, it was crucial to become aware of one's own effectiveness, to be able to set limits and to deal responsibly with the needs of others.
After a lunch break, Joseph and Max invited participants to take what they learned into a constellation on a social construct.
Our time together eventually passed far too quickly, and participants left the impact space held by Observe after a fulfilling day of workshops.
Joesph and Max opened up a new approach for us on how to face change with ei- generity and ease. Thank you for your great contribution to the CHANGE_ROOM.šŸ¦‹