„A new world is not only possible, it is already becoming. On a still day you can hear it breathe.“

Arundhati Roy

Three months ago we started to implement the project WANDEL_RAUM in cooperation with various organizations and artists in Alfter near Bonn.
When Veronika and Sophie developed the project, WANDEL_RAUM was primarily intended to be an artistic, participatory research field. As you know, we are still a very young association. Our association deals a lot with finding orientation, philosophical questions of the young generations and social transformation through art, as well as philosophy. In order to work holistically, to get to know new approaches, fields of action and research, it is important for us to work together with third parties (persons and organizations). This creates not only a diversity of perspectives, but also a mutual growth and learning.
WANDEL_RAUM grew and moves around the question: When and where are there spaces for transformation in times of chaos and personal or social crises?
The urgency to place this question at the center of an artistic research project arose primarily from contact with young people from the Bonn/Cologne area. We heard voices of young people telling us about their own lostness and inner emptiness when trying to position themselves in constricted social structures and times of global crises. In these conversations, the personal powerlessness that young adults feel in the face of the future came to the fore.
We asked ourselves what we need to develop as individuals or as a community so that one:e each:r feels a self-efficacy to shape personal and social transformation. And how radical change can be in the process.
Since mid-September, we have invited artists to work artistically on this question. Individual or participatory works have been created for three months now, approaching the topic through various methods and materials.
In addition to this residency, WANDEL_RAUM unfolded in a diverse range of workshops in collaboration with our cooperation partners:AdventusArt and Observe. The workshops were particularly exciting for us, as we wanted to involve more people in our project. Accordingly, each workshop day was unique, not only because of the different speakers, but also because of the participants and their perspectives. You can get a deeper insight into the workshop days and contents in the following blog entries.

WANDEL_RAUM as a project and research field finds a conclusion at the end of November for the time being in the publication of the artworks on our channels. All participants in this project have literally opened a WANDEL_RAUM – a space that strengthened through the contact between numerous perspectives and invited to active action. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the actors for having enlivened and enriched this project through their participation.