Hey Dear OnesšŸ¦‹,

Unfortunately, we have now had to postpone the Compass Initiative until the fall. There are various reasons for this, but we are looking forward to really getting started. The weekly schedule, as well as the basic structure will remain, but the location will be different. We plan to move to the vicinity of Bonn to implement the initiative. This has the advantage that we are closer to the headquarters of Petit Papillon e.V. and we are logistically closer to the implementation site, which will facilitate the transport to a high degree.

We would like to see the Compass initiative implemented by a diverse group of people who share the same question and situation in life. Therefore, please contribute to bringing the project to the public and to informing people who might be interested in it. 

Thank you very much,

Your team of the Compass Initiative 2022!

The Compass Team: Tatiana, Sophie, Valerie, Veronika and Lucas